Why Surrogacy in India ?

More and More Overseas IVF Patient, couples, intended parents from abroad are coming to India to have children that are legally theirs and avoiding the hassles and costs involved with adopting or having a surrogate in the U.S. ,UK, Canada, Australia.

The prices for surrogacy in India you will find that they are much lower than what it is taken in the U.S. ,UK, Canada, Australia.This is the first and the most important reason why one should choose India for affordable surrogates.

Today many couples from around the world travel to India, in search of their quest of “own” baby with surrogacy. Simply because there are some very best fertility clinics and great IVF Infertility specialist doctors India like atBlossom Fertility & IVF Center.

Many intended parents globally are now choosing India a destination for Surrogacy. There are many reasons like:

  • Surrogacy cost - Surrogacy Treatment is Economical In India
  • Best Of IVF Doctors and IVF technology
  • Easy to find Surrogate Mother In India
  • Legal Aspect of Surrogacy as law is in favour of surrogacy treatment.

It is flexibility, relative affordability, Surrogacy Success Rate and minimal regulation that have made India attractiveIndia is foremost in surrogacy because of the low cost treatment and availability of women opting to be surrogate for childless couples.Not to mention that India, unlike some developing countries, has a fairly advanced medical system and doctors who speak English.

As a result more and more Intended parents around the world are hiring Indian women to be surrogate mothers to their babies. ,Caucasian Americans, USA, UK,Australian couples and singles, Indian NRI couple, Canadian couples and singles are looking for surrogacy option in India or Surrogate Mother in India.

Let’s embrace surrogacy and recognise the hope and wonderful gift that it brings, and let’s celebrate and support families created in this way.

If you decide to travel to the Indian sub-continent for a surrogacy and child, you will be one of a growing number of childless Asian ,American, Australian or Canadian couples or singles going to India to have their children.

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