What is Surrogacy ?

Surrogacy is when another woman carries and gives birth to a baby for the couple who want to have a child.

Surrogacy is when a woman - surrogate mother, carries and delivers a child that is not genetically related to her. For medical reasons, the wife of the intended parents cannot carry a child but produces healthy eggs. If the wife cannot produce healthy eggs an egg donor can be used. The intended mother or egg donor takes fertility medication to produce multiple eggs. At the right time, these eggs are retrieved from the intended mother/egg donor and fertilized with the husband’s sperm in a Petri dish through the process of in-vitro fertilization/Embryo Transfer (IVF/ET). The resulting embryos are then transferred to the surrogate mother. If a pregnancy results the surrogate mother will carry the child to term for the intended parents.

Advantages of Surrogacy : Surrogacy is gaining popularity as this may be the only method for a couple to have a child, which is biologically completely their own (IVF surrogacy) or partly their own (gestational surrogacy) and also because adoption, process may be a long drawn out process.

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We have the honour of assisting intended parents in the child birth with the help of IVF and gestational surrogacy to Indian couples and International intended parents.

No matter how hard you have tried, or what you have been through, we are here to support and guide you with every step of life’s most important journey, creation of your family.

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