Gestational Surrogacy

Blossom Gestational Surrogacy - Gestational Carrier Program. Gestational Surrogacy is when another woman carries and gives birth to a baby for the couple who want to have a child.

Who needs surrogacy?

Surrogacy is needed for a woman who had serious medical conditions that makes her unable to conceive a child and give birth to it. Recurrent implantation failures and IVF failures are reasons for opting for surrogacy. Fibroidal uterus, intrauterine adhesions, cervical incompetence recurrent abortions etc are also reasons which necessitates surrogcay for child birth.

Blossom Gestational Surrogacy program is offered to people of all nationalities as the clinic believes that everyone should be able to enjoy the joy of parenthood.

To begin the program, we require you to register with us. Once registered, we will be able to provide you a Gestational Surrogate for your treatment cycle. We are continuously recruiting surrogates for our patients and are therefore able to generally provide you suitable surrogates.

All the surrogates undergo a thorough and strict screening process that includes a hormonal screen as well as an infectious disease screen along with a psychological screen and an IQ test. Embryo(s) transferred into the surrogates are either fresh or frozen. The surrogates are taken care of by the clinic post their embryo transfer and through their nine months. They are provided good nutritious food and clean, hygienic accommodation. Our staff nurse visits them regularly to ensure their medication is taken on time.

The surrogate will be under the care of our efficient obstetricians till term and delivered in a hospital set up. The baby will be handed to the Genetic parents/Intended parent immediately after birth.

Birth certificate will be issued in the name of the Genetic parents/Intended parent. You are requested to find out prevailing laws in your country or from your respective consulate in India to facilitate and expedite the process for you to carry your baby back to your hometown safely.

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