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Find surrogates and Egg donors for intended parents with help and support from surrogacy specialists at Blossom.Our sole aim is to create families.To reproduce is the strongest human desire, second only to survival itself.

Some women are unable to carry a child to term. A variety of causes account for this.Some people may come to terms with their childlessness. Others may find adoption or fostering an acceptable alternative, although this option islimited by the number of babies and children offered for adoption. For others surrogacy may be seen as a possible solution.

Intended Parents - If you are looking to create a family and wish to find a Surrogate, Sperm Donor, or an Egg Donor — we are here to help you in your journey to parenthood, for having a baby through new reproductive technologies.

Finding a Surrogate

There are several ways to find a surrogate mother.

  • Find surrogates from Friends or family.
  • Some people ask a friend or relative to be a surrogate for them.

A surrogacy Clinic.

Most people turn to a surrogate clinic to arrange a gestational surrogate.

We can assist you in locating a Surrogate Mother, which is typically the best place to begin.We at Blossom will help Intended Parents to find a suitable surrogate, makes arrangements,and collects any fees passed between parents and the surrogate, such as reimbursement for her medical expenses.

At Blossom IVF Surrogacy Clinic, we strictly follow all the guidelines and protocols prescribed by ICMR regarding the selection of surrogate mother from ICMR registered ART banks. Some of the important guidelines prescribed by the Indian

Council of Medical Research to be followed and adhered to while selecting a surrogate mother are detailed at Become Surrogate section. All the guidelines including the below mentioned ones are strictly followed at our clinic.During theprocess of choosing a Surrogate Mother, you can interact with our trained staff before making a decision.It is vital that you consume as much time as you feel is necessary during this process because feeling relaxed and comfortable with the Surrogate Mother that you choose is key.

If you are working with a blossom surrogacy clinic, We will provide medical records for represented Surrogate Mother. If you have precise preferences concerning your Surrogate, the clinic will try to meet these requests within reason.

Contact us today for Finding surrogates and Egg donors at or call us in confidence at +919979946222, We are here to help you get started, keep going and have a Gestational Surrogacy.
Blossom IVF Surrogacy Clinic: Best for finding surrogates and Egg donors, Gestational Surrogacy and Infertility treatment clinic in India.
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