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Guide to become Surrogate Mothers Surrogacy gives you the chance to make dreams come true not only for you but for couples or Intended Parents that can’t have their own children. You will play the most critical role in the process by carrying and delivering the baby produced by the Intended Mothers egg or an egg donor; sperm created by a sperm donor or the Intended Father. This opportunity offers something that no one else can – a miracle. So, how do you get started?

Becoming a Surrogate Mother consists of a moderately demanding pre-screening process, which can be lengthy.To begin, you will normally have to provide details about your health status as well as your family history and medical conditions.

Some of the important guidelines prescribed by ICMR - the Indian Council of Medical Research to be followed and adhered to while selecting a surrogate mother are detailed below. All the guidelines including the below mentioned ones are strictly followed at Blossom IVF Surrogacy Clinic.

  • Age of a surrogate mother should be less than 35 years.
  • Before selecting a woman as surrogate mother it has to be ensured that the woman satisfies all the conditions that can be tested and proved regarding her ability to undergo a successful term of pregnancy.
  • A surrogate mother will be required to sign a contract relinquishing all her rights over the child and this agreement known as surrogacy agreement will be enforceable under law.
  • A relative person or an unknown person can act as surrogate mother. But in the case of a relative, the relative should belong to the same generation in which the woman desiring surrogate belongs.
  • A prospective surrogate host will be tested for HIV and should not have any variousinfection just before the embryo transfer.
  • No woman is allowed to act as surrogate mother more than three times in her entire life span.

A prospective surrogate will have to undergo an entire medical check-up for sexually transmitted diseases, ultra sound scan of the pelvic area, endocrinological tests etc. At Blossom IVF Surrogacy Clinic the commissioning couple or Intended Parents, the surrogate woman and her spouse are given psychological and legal counselling about the various sensitive issues of surrogacy and they are made to sign legal agreements, the conditions of which will be binding on the parties to the agreement. This ensures clarity, transparency and rigorousness of the connected activities to be performed in future.

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