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Cryopreservation - Verification

Cryo Preservation of Embryos ( embryo freezing ) - Semen /Sperm freezing

Cyropreservation is a process where embryos or sperm are preserved by cooling to sub-zero temperatures, typically in liquid nitrogen (-196°C), for whatever period of time is designated by our patients.

Cryopreservation is used in infertility programs to freeze and store sperm, eggs or to freeze "leftover" embryos from an in vitro fertilization cycle

There are 2 methods currently used for freezing in IVF labs

  • Slow freezing is Cyropreservation
  • Vitrification (ultra-rapid freezing)

Cryopreservation of embryos and oocytes ,Sperm,eggs has become an essential service for infertility treatment. The Verification of embryos is utilized when the number of embryos produced during any IVF cycle exceeds the number of embryos that are transferred into the uterus. Embryos can be subsequently thawed and placed into the uterine cavity after many years of being frozen. By doing so, one can avoid repeating the entire stimulation and egg retrieval process for future attempts.

Excess (Surplus) embryos,eggs or sperm can be Cryo-preserved at ultra-low temperatures for many years. These frozen embryos,eggs or sperm can be used subsequently.

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