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Donor Egg IVF Programs

Egg donation, also referred to as oocyte donation, makes pregnancy possible for women who might not otherwise be able to get pregnant using their own eggs.

Some women are infertile because they were born without ovaries, had their ovaries surgically removed or went through menopause at an early age. Many are capable of carrying a pregnancy without difficulty if they receive eggs from another woman.The egg donor could be a family member, friend, or someone anonymous.Your choice of egg donor is entirely up to you. We will be happy to help you find an egg donor.

Donor Egg IVF is often recommended for patients with decreased egg quality and/or quantity and opens up a world of new possibilities for those who have struggled to conceive.

We run an active egg donation program which is a very useful infertility treatment option for older women and women with ovarian failure.

Donated eggs are fertilized with the recipient's partner's sperm. Therefore, any babies that may result from this treatment would carry the genetic material of the father but not of the recipient mother.

We will be happy to help you find an egg donor. We have many healthy young fertile Indian women with an health egg to start donor egg IVF Program Patients from all over the world travel to for this highly effective treatment. Our donor egg team is skilled at coordinating the care for patients who live locally or internationally. Donor Egg treatment is faster and easier than many patients realize.

Who needs & will benefit from Donor Egg IVF Programs?

  • Women with Early menopause or premature ovarian failure (POF)
  • Women who’s Ovaries are removed or were born without ovaries
  • Women with extremely poor egg quality
  • History of genetic disease
  • Ovaries do not respond to stimulation

For female patients who have no viable eggs at all, or male patients who have no good sperm, the option of egg or sperm donation offers a chance to still have a child.

What happens at the Clinic during Donor Egg IVF Program?

The process for the recipient couple during Donor Egg IVF Program

The process begins by synchronising the menstrual cycles of the donor and recipient. The donor then undergoes a cycle of ovarian stimulation with the aim of producing as many eggs as possible. As the donor reaches the point of ovulation, the recipient begins taking estrogen and progesterone to prepare the lining of her uterus (similar to a frozen cycle).

The eggs are collected and fertilised with sperm from the recipient's partner. Resulting embryos are observed and the best chosen for transfer. Any other viable embryos are frozen for later attempts.

The treatment is similar as it is for a woman going through an IVF cycle, although in the case of egg donation, the treatment ends after the collection of the donor’s eggs. The donated eggs are fertilized using the sperm of the recipient’s partner, and the resulting embryos transferred to the recipient’s womb.

Our unique combination of quality IVF healthcare, cutting edge ART science, and clinical excellence at Blossom Fertility & IVF Center, gives our patients superior odds of having successful outcomes with Donor Egg IVF.

You can depend on personalized attention and compassion from your donor egg coordinator and physician throughout every step of the treatment process.

If you have had failed IVF in the past, or you need more detailed information on our Donor Egg IVF Programs, Sperm Donor Programs, Conceiving after Early menopause or premature ovarian failure kindly get in touch with our fertility specialist to help you in exploring your IVF journey in India.

Our commitment to helping you realize your dream includes providing you personalized care that will fit your individual lifestyle and choices. We are here to provide you with all the tools, information, and support you need to achieve your dream. We are here for you on a professional and personal level throughout your entire journey.

Schedule an appointment today to start Donor Egg IVF Program by calling in confidence at +919979946222 or write to us at info@BlossomBestIVFIndia.com.

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