Blossom IVF Legacy - Core Values - Mission

Inspired and Founded:

After providing high standards of fertility treatment that match the care available in the best Fertility centers across the nation for many decades individually through “Me & Mummy IVF Centre” and “RupaI Hospital for Women”,Top infertility experts Dr Praful B. Doshi ,Dr Mitsu P. Doshi& Dr Rupal N. Shah have come together with a commitment to offer to our IVF patients clinical excellence, cost-effective fertility treatment options, personalized compassionate care, and exceptional IVF success rate.

Blossom Fertility & IVF Center is renowned for clinical excellence,ART technological leadership, process excellence, quality, superior patient care, world-class facilities, consistent high success rates and transparency.

Our Fertility clinic - Test Tube Baby Centre is the best IVF clinic in Surat Gujarat, offers excellent IVF success rates with affordable IVF cost with team of top Infertility Specialists & Fertility Doctors in Surat,India.

Core Values at Our Clinic:

We at Blossom Fertility & IVF Center , deal with People,who are individuals. We assess and treat them according to their needs. We’re caring, truthful and honest. We give prospective parents the best chance of a successful outcome, even when that outcome is not the one expected or hoped for at the beginning. We are committed to providing the highest standards of treatment and care adapting these to individual needs.

Our well trained staffs are committed to supporting each other in delivering the best to all our patients whatever their circumstances may be.

Experience the Professionalism:

Superior hospital expertise, a commitment to excellence, and a never ending quest to ‘raise the bar’ of success for our patients has been the mission of our practice since its inception. Our physicians have performed many ovulation induction cycles and various IVF procedures with excellent results. Our hospital houses most modern operation theatres equipped with all the modern equipments. We have a full-fledged IVF laboratory and surgery center. Our hospital symbolizes excellence, experience, and professionalism …qualities we embrace on a daily basis.

Technologically Advanced:

We have years of experience behind us in providing you the comprehensive services in entire gamut of gynaecological and infertility treatment. We have handled a large number of cases related to IVF, ISCI, Blastocyst Transfer, Donor Eggs and various other complex processes and have achieved remarkable successes in them. Know more about our successes in our Success Stories Section. We have remained true to our philosophy of providing cutting edge medical care in an environment that supports each couple individually.

Psychological Support:

We very much understand that gynaecology is a highly sensitive area which needs psychological support at every step. We have a compassionate nursing staff led by our competent and friendly medical staff to provide you the best of psychological support.

Commitment to Our Customers:

We believe in establishing good relations with our customers, our specially trained professionals help patients develop coping strategies to handle the personal stresses that may occur and offer assistance with communicating their feelings to each other and family and friends.

Commitment to Quality:

The most advanced infertility treatment is performed at this Center. The treatment is conducted by highly qualified doctors, and other famous staff members in the reproduction field in India. The facilities within the center is also the most advanced in India. The causes for the infertility depends on each couple. It is necessary to examine the causes from various points of view. In India, unfortunately, only a few hospitals and organizations are equipped enough to examine causes of infertility. We are proud to give patients the most appropriate treatment with earnest consultation, the most tender care and attention. The meticulous attention has resulted in growing confidence in our patients.

Commitment to provide Expert and Experienced Team:

Superior hospital expertise, a commitment to excellence, and a never ending quest to ‘raise the bar’ of success for our patients has been the mission of our practice since its inception. Our physicians have performed many ovulation induction cycles and more than 100 IVF procedures with excellent results.

With a Mission of Providing Best Fertility treatment in India with Global Vission:

In a world with ever shrinking borders, more and more people who need help having a family are traveling abroad for assistance. The reasons are varied: greatly reduced fertility treatment costs, greater availability of IVF resources, no age or gender restrictions, shorter wait time, and more lenient laws. Whatever your reason, is designed to make your IVF journey less stressful and more successful.
No matter where you live, is here to help you in exploring your journey of happy parenting and family building dreams. is here to help you get started, keep going and have a baby!

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